Toggle between automatic scrolling and not in the device log?


is there any way to turn on automatic scrolling in the device log? Saw in old discussions that the IDE seemed to have automatic scrolling but cannot find how to turn it on if it is still there. It would be great if there could be a small check box to turn on and off automatic scrolling. Sometimes you just want to follow the progress of your code and sometimes you want to stop and examine the log.


This is a bug in our logs right now. We’re working on a couple logging bugs at the moment :slight_smile:

I experienced that auto scrolling starts from the moment you position the cursor in the agent or device code window. If you put it on the log window itself (which is the intuitive thing to do), it doesn’t scroll. @beardedinventor, if you make changes to the log window behaviour, could you also add some white space between the last log line and the outer frame ? Now it’s almost overlapping.