Three green followed by red flashing

From the blinkup troubleshooting:

Connects to server (green flash), then flashes red, then repeats?

This is usually the symptom of a run-time error in the imp's Squirrel code. An error message will be logged in the IDE when this happens.

I am getting this error, however do not have any code in the IDE. Status appears ok in the IDE, Imp shows up as 235d2cb930728cee Mac: 0c2a690044e3

Blinkup conducted with Motorola Photon in “legacy mode” and an april development board.

I’m also having issues with the same blink pattern, although the Imp is not showing up

The blinkup worked fine, but it’s failing to fetch an update (it keeps connecting, being told to get an upgrade, failing to talk to the upgrade server, and coming back… and repeat).

We’ve seen this with very old software versions and certain routers that have bad DNS relays in them. Does your router have a DNS relay option in its config? If so, turn it off, reboot the router and try again. Failing that, try it on another network - once it has updated it’ll get the code with the workaround in it and will update fine from then on.

I looked and your device has code from Oct 2012.

I tried 2 different wireless routers today, and received the same blink error pattern. I do not see any “DNS relay” as a specific option in my wireless router, but am starting to think that it is unlikely to be set the same in all three that I have tried so far. Do you have any other suggestions?

Try now - if they were imps that had never been configured, they might have had very old software & we just fixed a regression which prevented imps with ~2 year old firmware from reliably getting upgrades. The hot fix went out about 90 minutes after your post.

Solved. Worked on my original router. Thanks for the help.