This session is now stale IDE error

I keep getting this error in the IDE:

“This session is now stale.
Click refresh to update the session.”

randomly after a few seconds and a few minutes in the IDE.
Makes working annoying since code is lost, source always jumps at start etc. after maximum a few minutes.

I am not sure this will help but could you state what browser you are using?

I have only seen this message once or perhaps twice before. but in both cases it was due to the session actually being stale - I had left the comptuer for an extended period of time. It is not normal or common at all to get something like that after a few minutes.

And it happens after a few seconds too - sometimes I could not wrote a line in the code and the message popped up again …
It seems it’s popping up more often if the find window is on but I am not sure about this …

This typically means you (or someone else) has another copy of the IDE open and logged into your account.

Yep, that’s the only time I see it.