Thermal Printer example on Github has errors?

I’ve been trying to get the Thermal Printer example on github working with the bitmap images but it seems like the agent calls don’t tally with the device calls.

For instance the agent sends “downloadImage” but the device has no such named event. Also agent.on(“image”) calls printImgBuffer but again there’s no such function.

Has the github repo been screwed up in some way?


If anybody needs this, I found a correctly working bitmap printing code on this fork from Simon Stirley

Works great!

Oh, it looks like they submitted a pull request many moons ago with the fix, and we never pulled it in.

I’ll make sure that makes it into our repo. 

I just can’t get this working properly, so frustrated need some paid help, any suggestion?

I have been trying to crack the thermal printer printing bitmaps for a while. I still cant seem to get the various versions of the ImpPrinter code to work. They send text messages fine but never a bitmap. I have created the index file on my own server and replaced the imp url with my own. I have copied the imp device and agent code and assigned it to one of my imps.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It would be much appreciated…