System up/down

Maybe it is my code, but I am having sporadic episodes where an incoming HTTPS request to my imp agent is getting “No HTTP Handler”. I used Firefox Poster to ping the agent with a POST and got same response. After awhile it started working again.

Suggestion: Maybe have a Red dot or some other indicator on the IDE that the system is down or being worked on, so that we can be aware that we may experience outages or strange behavior. Or a separate discussion thread that is updated with current status of outage.


I saw the same thing… according to a twitter post, the issue was resolved at 20:03 UTC.

@impstatus is the thing to look at for details of both planned maintenance and unplanned outages. Integrating it with the IDE would be nice, but that’s going to be a bit later!

Thanks! Did not know about @impstatus, but now I do :slight_smile: