Syntax check error

I was changing to server.log and made an error. I had
but syntax checked ok. The error only showed at runtime.

Thu, 21 Feb 2013 03:38:06 GMT: ERROR: the index 'sserver' does not exist

Thiss iss how Ssquirrel workss, unfortunately. The code had valid syntax and only failed because the server object didn’t exist. Detecting missing-index errors statically, i.e. without running the code, is hard at the best of times and, in the general case, impossible:
s = http.jsondecode(body); server.log(s.temperature);
Does the index “temperature” exist, or not? it depends on what’s in the string “body”.

In general, with dynamically-typed languages such as Squirrel, there’s no substitute for testing the code by actually running it, I’m afraid.