Swift Closure Not Being Called

Hey y’all,

I’ve got a Swift app running with a custom UI for BlinkUp, but it appears that my resignActive closure isn’t being called. The BlinkUp flash countdown starts, does it’s flashing, then goes black - never to return to my app, and without reporting its status.

Here’s a simple test case :

`	func startFlashWithConfigId(configId:BUConfigId, network:BUNetworkConfig) {
		let flashController = BUFlashController()
		flashController.preFlashCountdownTime = 6
        flashController.presentFlashWithNetworkConfig(network, configId: configId, animated: true, resignActive: { (flashResponse) in

Okay, after being a bit more patient (forgetting that the app was running), the closure does get called, but it takes somewhere around 90 seconds. At this point the view BUFlashController view is dismissed as expected.

Is there a way to expedite this? Not seeing anything in the headers that would indicate a clear path forward.

If I pause execution using lldb and then resume execution the closure is immediately called. I can see the BUFlashyView hanging out at drawSyncedFrame:

Is there any difference if you run this on a device vs run in the iOS simulator?