Stuck in "firmware update triggered"

I have managed to make connect the imp and after that I saw a “firmware update triggered” message.

After that the imp has never send any other message and despite it blinks green it shows the offfline status.

Any idea?

What sort of green blinking is it doing? If it’s long/short/long/short… then the firmware update is still in progress:


No, it is short and after a couple seconds it goes off

And my router says that the imp is connected but I can’t see it in my panel…

What’s the mac address? If it’s a very old (very very old!) imp then it may be having problems with the DNS relay setting on your router as it tries to bring itself up to date.

If you do have DNS relay enabled, try turning it off on your router, rebooting it, and powering the imp up again. Once it upgrades you can turn the setting back on.

I just changed the router and it worked, so maybe it was the DNS, I don´t know.