Stuck at "No Wifi settings"

All my Imps are stuck on “No Wifi settings”. Tried tree different networks. same thing. :frowning:
Any help? Pretty please!!

Did they appear to BlinkUp properly (did the LED go off and stay off for the duration of BlinkUp, and did it briefly go green at the end)?

There is no reaction to the network. They just blink consistent Amber at the consistent rate on both new and existing networks where I programmed them.

Interestingly, I was able to connect an Imp to my home network by using a different IOS device.
That said, I am not able to connect it to the network I need it on: it just goes red-amber (or amber-red, hard to tell)…
Any suggestions?

If you connect your phone to the same network and open a web browser, does it send you to a login page before the web page you select? If so then the imp won’t be able to use that network.

In a pinch you could enable Personal Hotspot under General on your iOS device and BlinkUp the imp to that name and password. The connection would be relayed through your phone’s 3G.

Alas, the Personal Hotspot never worked for me with the Imp. And I am trying to connect to one of three networks that have the usual Network Name + Password. So should not be a problem, but its not working.

What kind of power supply are you using. I once had a problem where the imp was not joining wifi - even though I had used the same wifi router for a long time and with other imps.

In that case I had accidentally set a current limit on my lab power supply that was a bit too low. The imp module seemed to be requiring higher current at a critical time.

if I recall correctly, the specification requests 400mA peak capacity.

I was first trying to use the Lipo battery (that was full, i checked) and then the laptop.

I have several other public exhibitions coming up in the very near future and it will be extremely disappointing if the imps will not work again. Can anyone suggest the solution please? I can not even access them to reprogram into the off-line demonstration mode, never mind demonstrate them live as I really should.


You’ve very likely already tried this, but if not you might want to try ‘Clear Wireless Configuration’ before you blink them up on your network(s). It was a while back, but I recall experiencing a similar situation which had me frustrated for quite a while. Clearing the configuration first solved it for me … (your results may vary though!)

WiFi rarely works at big exhibitions because there tend to be 200 networks trying to broadcast in a confined space… but that’s not an imp problem, that’s just too many people trying to make wifi work by adding more wifi networks.

Had you ever had these imps configured? I’ve used imps with the phone hotspots several times, though discovered recently that the imp will overpower an iPad when it’s within about 5 feet (and then not connect). Moving the devices apart fixed that one :slight_smile:

@ Larry, yes I “cleared wireless configurations” a number of times

@ Hugo, they setup a separate WiFi just for me, after I tried two other networks, so I doubt this was the problem. And I am having the same problem with the home network.

Is there anything in the Blinkup that can be affected by the phone? For a brief moment, I was able to use an iPad to blink up, where as Imps were unresponsive to my iPhone (that actually happened a few times before for a day, but it was not so critical). Although after I moved to a different WiFi, this stopped working for me as well… bewildering… It all worked perfectly for multiple user studies before in good dozen locations…

For the past few days, I’ve had a real challenge blinking up C3V0+ boards from TheMakeDeck. Since this was a new board for me, I “assumed” it had something to do with the board, but have been assured nothing is different than the P3V3s that I’ve been using without issue for months. I then recalled that I just upgraded my iPhone 5S to iOS 8 and I’m now wondering if that’s the culprit.

The only way I could get it to work was to do a Clear Wireless Configuration and then re-enter the WiFi password. I had tried simply clearing the configuration (multiple times even) without success. I’ve not tested this procedure repeatedly enough to establish a high-level of confidence, but that’s been my experience over the last two days at two different sites and I wanted to pass it along.

So…the problem now extends to the P3V3 platform, too, which means it’s definitely not a C3V0+ issue. Has anyone else upgraded to iOS 8 and had issues with Blink up? I don’t know how many devices I’ve blinked up with firmware 30.15, but it has been very few. So…that could be involved, too.

A quick update: I tried Hugo’s suggestion below and it worked for one of the Imps.

"The one issue which we addressed in the 30.15->30.22 release with blinkup was if you had a certain bit pattern in your account token AND were using an iPhone to blinkup, the imp might not accept the blinkup. You can test this by creating another imp account (so you get a different token) and blinking up to that. If that works, the imp will then connect, update its software automatically, and work if you blink it up back to your original account.

Software update is long and short green flashes followed by solid green."