Steady green status led

After reflashing one of my imps I get a (non blinking) green status led, which would mean a firmware update.
Only it stays green for over 5 minutes now.
I’m a bit scared to recycle power, so what are my options?

Do you know which version of the firmware it was running? It was already on 25?

I’ve just tried to reset one of my imp001 that’s a very old one and usually get the firmware updates pretty much in the first batch of release.

I didn’t see any new firmware coming, not surprising me perhaps as it was not announced.

I think you should have no problem resetting.


couldn’t wait anymore so I powercycled twice…
Now it seems to be OK ;))
softwareversion: f2f252d - Fri Jun 14 16:08:00 2013

that’s the latest… do you remember when you got the last update? it sounds strange to me to get the 25 only now, after so long time from release

I was allready on the beta 25 since they started

It is of course possible you’ve found a new bug. Though for the LED to be “stuck” green, that would mean the imp fell over in such a way that IRQs weren’t running.

By the way, it is by design not possible to “brick” an imp by power-cycling it during a firmware upgrade. The worst that can happen is a corrupted firmware, which is detected on the next boot and a re-upgrade attempted. The advice to keep it powered on is mostly to stop impatient people from attempting to abort the upgrade – an attempt which would only aggravate their impatience, as the imp would then have to reboot and restart the upgrade from the beginning.


thanks, Peter,
glad to know I can’t “brick” the Imp.
I had some dubious code to run, maybe that was the reason.
It also could be that there was a repeater nearby

question: how can I tell if I have an US or an EU imp?


I know that EU imps exists, but as I know up to few months ago only the US version was in the wild.

Most of the European resellers buy the imp from SF (or from me) and we probably only have US versions in hands (for sure mine are all US at this time).

must be it, because i noticed that my router was on channel 13, when that status led was solid green…