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Have not used the imp for a while (about a month, was working ok), fired it up but just blinking red (1hz) for about 10-15sec then nothing. How do I reset the imp and do another blinkup and start from scratch again? any advice appreciated.

Sure it’s powered ok? If it was all blinked up fine before then it should go green.

Thks for such quick response! using the same power supply, all looks ok. is there a hw reset button hidden in the imp? I tried another blink up but no response during the blinkup. Fired up the imp again after that, same, blinking red (appx 1hz) for 20 odd sec, then no light at all.

There is no hw reset button.

If it’s blinking red (with no other color ever shown), then generally it is having problems connecting to wifi. This should continue for 60 seconds then it’ll give up, sleep for 9 minutes, then try again for a minute to connect.

However, if it’s not staying blinking red for a minute, then this sounds more like a power issue, with insufficent power for the imp to boot up. Can you describe what the imp is plugged into (what board), and how it is connected to power (what power source and what cable)?

The board is a sparkfun electric imp sheild. I supply the 5v with and adaptor, and have check the supply voltage with a multimeter (5.1V).
It does not blink red for as long as 60 sec, only for about 20 to 30 sec, so following your advise, I will see if I can trace to the 3v input to the imp, in case the on board regulator is faulty.
BTW, the modem works ok for other devices.

Check the 3v output is stable (there’s a 3.3v labelled pad on the breakout).

When you say “modem”, are you referring to your WiFi router? Or is there some other device connected physically to your imp?

The moden is a wifi 3g modem/router. I checked the 3v line and shows 3.25v. reinserted the chip, reset the moden, reconnect all the wires and it is workin now.

Compared with other products, the support from Hugo’s team amd the forum is amazing! It is this fast support that make me a loyal supporter of imp. There are incredible amout of snippets of valuable info, e.g I did not know flashing led convey info not just by the colour & the rate of flash, but also the duration.
I am learning something new every time. I know its a lot of work, It would be really good if someone could collate all the information on the forum fault & diagnosis on the imp, I know Hugo and the team is constantly improving the wiki, keep up the good work, till the next problem…
New Zealand
ps: Just watch the america cup! must be great in San Fran now, as the US just one one race.

Is there a was to reinitialise/wipe/flash your imp, and start from new again?

Just wondering…


You can do clear wifi configuration, but this is not required to change settings - it’s more if you wanted to give an imp you owned (eg) to a neighbor within wifi range. What are you trying to wipe?

Hi Hugo,
Say i want to change router pw, do I just reblink the imp with the new router pw or “clear wifi config” first & how do u clear wifi config.

@kenkoknz - if you want to change your router’s pw (or connect your imps to a new network), you just need to blink them up with the new ssid/pw.

Both the iOS and Android apps have a “clear wifi config” button, which will send a blinkup that removes the current wifi credentials from the imp. If the “clear config” is successful, the imp should start blinking orange to indicate that no credentials are present).

Thks, just the info i want