Standard Library Collaboration Repository - The Electric Pitchfork

Good day all.

I am possibly replicating something already established and if so, please let me know and I am happy to merge with or drop in favor of an existing solution.

I got tired of developing the same class definitions that I am sure every one of is doing just the same so I wanted to make a repository of object definitions that can be pulled in as needed for a mix-and-match format (cat X Y Z > boilerplate for free!).

I’d contend that for base, core objects we probably should have a single consolidated effort that can be used by all, instead of reinventing the wheel over and over. I have made the repository available and will be adding to it as I keep building out. I would be happy to accept pull requests to make existing objects better, issues to identify errors, OR add new ones. Let me know if you want to help maintain this repository as well.


Chris Williams

Looks good, only comment for now would be that Squirrel files are usually .nut

I’m also hoping for some native integration in the planner with external source control systems at some point. In my haste to experiment I’ve already managed to mangle various programs that worked at some point. Now not so much.

Great catch, I had no idea what the proper extension was so I just went with .squirrel updated.