SSID with non-ASCII octets

There’s no character set associated with an SSID; any length of 0-32 octets should be valid. BUT my Imp will not Blinkup up and connect if non ASCII characters (e.g. accented letters) are present in the SSID. Is this a bug?

Accented words are not passé :wink:

What client are you using to blinkup?

Something you designed, an iPhone 4s :wink:

Hex can be used in blinkup for the WEP key, I’ve had to do this for some old AP’s.
Perhaps the SSID can also be done in hex.

How does the Iphone app work – do you have to type in the SSID or can it detect the one that IOS itself is using? If you have to type it in, I wonder whether the text-entry widget in the Iphone app is returning the accented character in Unicode-NFD but the actual SSID is Unicode-NFC…


@peter It allows for both entry methods.

@Isidro I’ve tested this and am having the same issue. Will file a bug report. If you need a workaround in the meantime, you could blink up to an ASCII-named network and use imp.setwificonfiguration() to reconfigure to the desired SSID.

@Isidro also, thanks for letting us know about this problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip Gino. It’s not a critical problem for me, I just thought I should flag it up.