Squirrel environment for Mac OS X?

I wonder how you write the squirrel code on Mac OS X? Can I use X-Code or Eclipse, for instance?

If you want to write code for running on the Imp, you only can use a browser

Cool, that’s fine! Thank you for your help! Can I write code without an actual Imp?

In your notepad maybe, you can’t use the planner without commissioning an imp

I have my squirrel code saved locally with a .js extension and open it in Xcode. Xcode cannot execute it, but it is close enough to JavaScript syntax that it works pretty well.

You can also, of course, grab the Squirrel source code and build the sq tool, which will let you run Squirrel on the Mac. Of course, any IMP specific thing will not work. I wrote objects for IMP/SERVER, etc, that allow me to at least run my IMP code locally (just to test other things) and it works ok.

Thanks very much!

If you have either Textmate or Chocolat, two very nice code editors, there’s this plugin that will format your code nicely.

Thank you! I wonder, how can I interface the Imp with Pachube, Processing, C++, etc.?

Also, can I use UDP for sending and receiving messages?

Browse the documentation and forum, there are several examples on how to interface to Cosm (was: Pachube) and similar services.

Great, thanks!

@alkopop79 no UDP support, and only HTTP/HTTPS right now for TCP. At some point we’ll allow raw sockets, but note that all this happens server-side - the device talks to nothing but our server.

That’s great! Thank you Hugo!