Sourcing imps: Hacking to Protoyping to Production

I am working on an IoT product that will use Imp as its computation/communication engine. I have been working of an Imp2 Dev Board and the next step involved building a custom board with the Imp. I am not quiet sure where I can find bare Imp ICs and how to get an idea of volume pricing on the imp. I have only found the following table so far. I tried to check the availability of Imp3 and Imp 4 on octoparts and could find only 37 pieces of Imp3 and 0 pieces of Imp4 on the standard electronic distributor websites

Is there another sales channel that someone like me who is will be needing 1000-10,000 pieces/year needs to look at.

In addition to the volume pricing numbers, I am also looking to get an idea of the recurring fees for connectivity and managing the agent side of things. Can you point me to the best source for this information. I talked to Peter K last July and he said that you guys were working on a price structure for folks like me (legitimate business, but not quiet enterprise).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sales will be contacting you, but generally when you’re in 1k+ qty you’d speak directly to Murata for 003 as they can give you the best price. We can get you in contact with the right people.