Some April PCB's and parts in Moscow


I ordered 10 April PCB’s couple a weeks ago from seeedstudio. It’s sparkfun’s version of April. I just cut it to fit 50mmx50mm limits and made some minor changes (DRC, silkscreen) without rerouting. It turns out I have 10 SD sockets and 10 id chips. The PCB will be $1.38 (I paid 13.84$ for 10) and you’ll get socket+atsha for free. I’m not trying to make any money out of it. My plan was to place group order for imps and full part set, but no one replied so far.

So, if anyone from Moscow is interested just give me a note here or in my blog post comments.

I’ve received the order today. There’s 12 PCB’s and I’ll be happy to give two of them for free. The bad news is that I can’t check the boards. I ordered my imp in November but the parcel is stuck/lost/stolen somewhere.

Anyway, If someone in Moscow is interested it’s $1.38 for PCB+ATSHA+SD+USB and I can offer two bare PCB’s for free.

I made it :slight_smile: The buck was quite tricky thought.