Single quotes inside double quotes inside agent html

I am working with the Firebase Class and want to install the index.html file from gethub inside the imp agent code. See:

I know I am supposed to change the double quotes to single quotes, but how is it done in line 17 with single quotes embedded in double quotes?

$(’#impDiv’).append(’^li id="’ + + ‘">^b>Imp ID: ^/b>’ + + ’ is: ’ + impDevice) + ‘^/li>’;

Here I used ^ instead of < so line would show what I was referring too.

That looks to be javascript. In this case you would do something like this:

$('#impDiv').append('<li id=\\'' + + '\\'><b>Imp ID: </b>' + + ' is: ' + impDevice) + '</li>';

The \’ means it will insert your quote. Hence \’’ as above is actually a \’ plus a ’

hope that makes sense.

gerriko, your solution worked great. Thanks.