Simple Pitchfork starter example - Request

I have looked but have failed to find a simple starter example for Pitchfork. Something like using Switch1 to turn a led on or off. There are more advanced examples (like Garage Door Opener) but for someone new to every aspect of e.Imp I could use something simple I can cut/paste and be confident works just to get me going.

Have I just missed somewhere obvious or can someone help.

Oh, and I also looked on MakeDeck GitHub.

Here is some example code for the Control Panel:

Brilliant thanks. I just added a statement at the top defining an output pin and then added a led1.write(1/0); statement into a switch control.

For a slider to control the intensity of a led: I defined the led2 output pin as PWM and then inside the slider device included led2.write(a.tofloat());

I am an IoT guru already! Next, use the Pitchfork color picker to setup my neopixel array.