Simple Code Not Working

I copied the following Device Code from the examples. I am using an April board. The Imp blinks green but does not give any results in the log window.

I’m new to this, what am I missing?

// create pot variable
pot <- hardware.pin2;
// configure pin

function poll() {
// read pin and log
// wake up in 0.1 seconds and do it again
imp.wakeup(0.1, poll);

// start the loop

Just tried works: when you hit “build & run” does the log show?
2014-03-08 13:15:03 UTC+0: [Status] Downloading new code; 1.77% program storage used

BTW If you’be copied that exactly your need to get rid of the html tag “< br />”// configure pin

The html tag came directly from the cut and paste. I typed it in from scratch and it worked.

@Dmajic - can you point to where you copy/pasted the code from?

If it’s part of Electric Imp’s documentation I’ll get it fixed up!