Simple client-server application


My application is very simple.
I just want to directly exchange text messages between a PC workstation and an IMP (and its serially connected slave device).
This is to be used in the field (in the middle of nowhere, including at sea, without any link to the web) to control a field instrument (a magnetometer) from a program running on a control workstation.
I can program any type of protocols from the TCP/IP stack in the workstation but I need to know what protocol(s) and addressing format are used now between the agents in the cloud and the IMP in order to use it myself in the workstation. Is it standard HTTP or just TCP sockets? What type of security/encryption? What type of Addressing does the IMP respond to?


An Internet connection is required to exchange data between an Imp and a PC (both for the Imp as for the PC).

For your application, you might want to look at the Picus FlyPort …

The Imp requires the internet (and cloud service). The FlyPort is it’s own WiFi server, with the website embedded in the FlyPort. You can do what you wish without the internet. Harder to use than the Imp, and requires more technical experience and setup. But, that is an option for you.