SID Case problems?

Does the imp have a problem with an sid that is not completely in capitals ?

I have tried for weeks to get the imp connecting to the wifi without success,
the sid is completly in small caps.
Now in my daily work environment with multiple wifi’s i got it functioning
on a wifi with a sid that contains only capital letters and a number.

I just repeaeted the test at home.
The problem is not the Sid but the wifi channel ! ! !
Wifi was installed on the channel 13 or 2.472 GHz.

Apparently the imp does n’t like this channel.

What are the frequencies that the imp can function correctly ?

The developer edition imp cards shipped so far are US spec, which means they work on channels 1-11 (these are the USA channels).

We’re working on getting some european distributors online, where we can sell the EU spec (channels 1-13) cards - currently, the european resellers who ship imps are buying them from sparkfun, and hence are getting US-spec cards.

These cards are CE approved, but just have a limited channel set as we can’t ship EU spec cards to be sold in the USA.

nice to know.

Could you update the firmware based on IP location? (Or are the channels fused?)

Country code is fused. It’s not legal to sell one with reprogrammable country code in the USA.

Obviously, loads of people come from europe to visit the US with channel 1-13 capable gear (hotspots & whatever else), but that doesn’t appear to mean logic will prevail!

…and updating the country code based on geoIP can be spoofed, AND would require that you get online in the first place :slight_smile:

could include the country code in the blink up (get it from the phone or something), that would at least solve the issue of coming online first :slight_smile:


Again, that doesn’t work for the US. Someone could configure it to EU channels when in the USA, which isn’t allowed by the FCC.