Servo control with Pitchfork

I bought two of Adafruit’s analog feedback servos a few months ago, and finally got around to doing something with them.

After looking through the forums, (since I haven’t ever PWM’ed anything with an Imp), I found this excellent project write-up by forum member @Schwolop.

It is a really cool project, and excellent reference code if you want to do something similar. Since my Pitchfork iOS app has two sliders, it was perfect for adding servo control to the two that I had, so I hacked up the device code, and added my agent code, which is available here.

Next up is reading the analog data.

As an idea of what you can do with those two servos, I just connected them together to give me y and z axis control and glued a webcam to the top servo to give me a controllable camera.

Very nice!!