Service issues

12.15PST: We’re currently experiencing a database issue, and so the service may be up and down a little for the next ~30 minutes, hopefully less. I’ll post again when this has been resolved. Thanks for your patience!

Everything is back to normal and full service is restored.

0:30PST: Some database maintenance. Stay tuned!

…and we’re back as of just a few minutes ago.

14.30PST (21.30UTC): there was a development server* outage for ~42 minutes, production unaffected. Service restored, but diagnosis ongoing. Apologies to those affected.

  • ie, one of the ones that developers use, vs the ones used for production devices

15:05PST: working on some migration issues; will post when things are back to normal.

…15:15PST, looking good again.

Hello Hugo i cannot see my agent URL anymore on my IDE, does this have to do with the service issues you guys had? I opened a separate thread for it… (

This was an issue with the migration - you should be ok now.

yes it works now, thanks

We saw some more issues with the http in nodes this morning, but everything has been resolved and should be working again.

02:00PST: server work, will post when things are back to normal.

02:13PST: planner/etc up, agents still upset.

04:40PST: agents now happy again.

I’m too !!!

RUN button syndrome back again???
Can’t get new code to run

@dolf PM me more details so we can investigate.

19:00PST: Our DNS service provider, Zerigo, is suffering a DDoS attack, which may affect access to services (imp, api, forums, www, etc) as they are operating at a much reduced capacity. More info as we get it.

20:40PST: Zerigo coming back up. We’ve amended our DNS setup and this will propagate in the next 24 hours.

8:45PST: Little bit of maintenance, should be back up within 60 seconds