Server updates: fast and furious over the next few weeks

Hey folks,
We’re going to be rolling out a bunch of new server updates over the next several weeks, culminating in a ton of great new features. Everything should migrate gracefully, but there may be bits off the beaten path that don’t work quite like how you’ve come to expect. Please let us know on this thread if you run into new issues.

This week we’re rolling out some strictly internal changes that will should have no impact, but they’re pretty wide ranging. Let us know if anything looks odd to you.


Note: we’ve just rolled out some changes to the edit URLs and there may be some JS caching artifacts.

You may want to force a reload of the planner (in chrome on a mac this is shift-click on reload button or cmd-shift-R) if things don’t appear to be behaving.

This isn’t causing me problems, but I noticed it tonight:

  • The “Code Tab” has a bunch of duplicates of the same program (one of them shows up 5 times)
  • The “Impees” tab shows their uuid (or whatever it is), but no longer shows the program for that impee

Planner looks fine for me. I did do a shift-reload with no change (to the above problems)