Server.permanent table

When passing an array to server.permanent (through a table), are there any type limitations on the array values? Can they include class instances?

I have an array (of variable size) of class instances. Each class instance has configuration properties that need to be restored on startup. Do I have to stuff the values themselves in a temporary array to save them?

What make it harder is that there are actually two classes like this, with a one to many relationship I have to keep track of.

They can’t include class instances, not least because there’s no guarantee the same class will even exist if you edit the Squirrel and it reloads the data. So it’s native Squirrel types only (plus tables and arrays of them), I’m afraid.


Good point!

I can’t seem to find any reference to the maximum size this table can be. Is there a limit?

Also, the wiki doesn’t make it clear whether it’s the imp or impee that the data is bound to. Swapping cards around seems to indicate the table is linked to the impee, not the imp.