Server.log() question

I have an imp logging data regularly and also sending it’s status to server.log() regularly. I noticed when I close the IDE windows and shutdown my development computer, the imp stops logging data. Does failure to send server.log() messages stop the imp?

Unless your Imp is actually being powered by your development computer (or getting its Wifi connection from it), it shouldn’t stop logging at all. As long as you have power to the Imp, and a Wifi connection, the Imp will happily log away.

server.log() logs messages to the Electric Imp servers, not to a local log on your computer. You view the console and those messages through your web browser.

That what I expected. I’ll look into why I get blank spots in the logs.

You might be on to something.
I also noticed that my imp sometimes stops logging to Xively without any notification of connection problems…

Where can we go to find more information like this. There are so many issues and bugs that are being fixed or documented somewhere. I wish it were all in one place?

@sbright33 - we’re planning on creating a community curated devwiki in the very near future (more info soon-ish). This would be a great place for all of you to write about known issues, and bugs :slight_smile:

I think server.log() is blocking the imp or the agents execution. I suspect it’s the agent. I removed all server.log() calls and shut down my machine a day. When I looked back at the imp data log, I found no missing samples. I’ll put the log calls back and try it again tonight.

I’ll look more closely, but I have an imp001 that logs three lines to the server and to every 30 seconds. I haven’t noticed missing samples. What do you mean by the imp data log?

server.log() should not affect anything; it takes non-zero time to log, but it shouldn’t cause anything else to go missing.