Serial Examples

Anyone have any super simple serial examples?  I basically want to send data to my April board from a RasPi but need to know which pins and how to accept the input.  Let me know if anyone has experimented at all.  Thanks so much!  

This isn’t one of the simpler examples, but there’s serial port access in:

I plan to put together a simpler serial example, probably a handy class with string tx/rx as the API is very basic for this peripheral (they plan to expand it later).

My first Pimp (Pi + Imp) experiments used the serial port too by the way, although I plan to change it to SPI soon.

Fen Consultants, UK

Thanks rob , check out my post re: that exact post.  Perhaps you’d have an understanding of how he is using uart there, and how the i/o is getting mapped.  Thanks!

Yeah I’ve a fair understanding as I wrote the example.

The UART is documented here: 

I’ll write an example soon on how to use it in practice, as right now it’s a bit nasty. You only get polled IO reading or writing a byte at a time - the underlying buffers are completely hidden. They plan to improve that but in the mean time we can poll on a timer, making sure the code sleeps often enough to keep the server connected.

Fen Consultants, UK

Doh!  I had no idea at first it was yours, sorry man!!  Thanks!