Sending control commands to imp when the agent or micro server is not accessible

Hello all,

I am working on a power metering project using electric imp. I have one problem with the imp.
When the mobile with the controlling app is inside the home and internet is not available which means I can not connect to the imp agent. Since the imp is connected to a local router and my phone is also connected to the local router. Can I send control signals to the imp to the local IP of imp through the local router ?

The Imp needs to communicate with the Agent periodically, so I think the answer to your question is “no”. But … not sure if Imp005 might have some options.

Your best method now would be to use an Arduino with WiFi shield. More hardware and more programming, but it will work on a local network. I assume you have some knowledge about IP, router setup, and internal workings of a local network?

Hi mlseim,

Yes I think I know a bit about those :slight_smile:
But I don’t want to use more hardware.If imp can’t do it I would have to shift to another hardware like TI’s CC3200 which supports both the things.

If imp005 might have some options,that means there is scope. Can someone confirm me about that ?


We have local networking coming in a future release (before the end of the year). It is restricted, for security reasons, but there will be examples about how to talk to local apps.

Can’t give more information at this point apart from yes, it’ll be available and yes, it’ll work on all imps.