Send and Receive Simultaneously

I’m sending data to my web server via POST that, in essence, contains data that causes my server to process that information and send data back to the agent (currently via POST).

(Note: for security reasons, I can’t simply return the data in the initial response, but rather I need to trigger a separate POST to my agent)

The issue is that the agent/imp seem to hang for a couple of minutes. I assume it is because before the initial POST 200 response is received, the agent is receiving another POST that it must delegate. (Sent separately, each process completes immediately)

Ultimately, the process resolves itself and both processes successfully execute. I suppose that I can try sending the initial request an alternate way, but I’m curious if this behavior is expected. Thanks!

I think we’d need to see the code to comment on this. The imp is totally independent of the agent, and the agent rally shouldn’t be hanging - or do you mean the incoming HTTP request to the imp is not being completed?