Selling my Electric Imp kit

Hello all,
I’m not sure if this is against the rules but I’m selling my Electric Imp kit as the project I was working on didn’t get funded. I never used the cards so they are like new. It’s a set of 2 cards with the Hannah and April boards. It’s up on ebay here:

Feel free to delete if this is not appropriate,

Thanks !

I think it’s great that people are mentioning imps for sale. I hope they let people do that here once in a while.

Kinda begs for a new category? It would also help all of us know where items are for sale commercially that are “imp friendly”.

I see no issue mentioning imps for sale on the forums (at least right now - if it gets out of hand we’ll obviously reevaluate - not certain we want the forums to become craigslist for the imp… although maybe we do?)

A new category would be nice. The problem I see would be the seller not being able to delete or update the “for sale” after they sell it. Or, they will forget to let people know it is sold. Try it, then eliminate it if there are too many “issues”.

The imps have sold, thanks to all !