Scheduled maintenance question

I see that there is a Scheduled maintenance today. The time listed is right when I am demoing a project. Is there a way do disable this so my device will not reboot during this time, as it will be recording data and I don’t want to loose it, or look like a fool when it reboots ?

I’ve sent you a PM.

We’re done. ~242 devices got moved. But not yours. Everyone else: us know if you see anything misbehaving.

Sorry, got snagged in a meeting right after i wrote it. Demo postponed until Friday. So you can release the update for it when ready.

If these devices continue to behave fine (they should) then we’re moving all developer devices over on thursday - see next scheduled maintenance period.

The service interruption looks like a device reconnect (maybe ~1-2 second outage) and an agent restart.