RSSI to user understandable value

Since there is nothing in the 802.11 standard that stipulates a relationship between RSSI values and any particular energy level, and chip vendors have chosen to provide their own scales, I would like to know what is the actual range of RSSI values for the imp. The intent is to translate the RSSI value into a user understandable value of signal strength, such as percentage. Just a value for RSSI-max and RSSI-disassociate could be a starting point with some interpolation between the two.

The lowest indicated RSSI I’ve seen whilst still being connected was -92; the highest was about -11.

If I was mapping to “bars” with 5 levels, I’d have:

below -87: zero bars (still connected, but barely)
between -82 and -87: one bar
between -77 and -82: two bars
between -72 and -77: three bars
between -67 and -72: four bars
above -67: five bars

There’s a lot of range above -67 but signal strength isn’t important at that point. Really, it’s not important at many of the lower levels either as we’re not exactly a big bandwidth user!

Thank you. This is consistent with what I see in the field.