RFID Reader for Imp that works with HID proxcards?

It’s the stupid things in life that trip you up…

I need a way to read the card info from out 125 kHz HID proxcards. Not realizing that the ‘HID’ was significant, I purchased an ID-20LA from Sparkfun. It works just fine with the cheap ‘world tag’ RFID test discs, but doesn’t respond to my sample proxcard. Turns out that a HID reader is somehow different than a straight RFID reader like the ID-20LA.

I purchased a PC Prox USB reader from eBay for testing, and it reads my HID cards just fine; alas, I know of no what to get the Imp to recognize a USB keyboard (which is what the PCP PRox emulates).

Could anyone suggest a way I can read 125 kHz HID Prox cards from the Imp?

Have you tried someone like seeedstudio for ready-made modules?


Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I have tried a Seeedstudio module; again, devices like that (or the Sparkfun) work great for generic 125 kHz tags, but won’t work with HID Prox cards.