Retrieve values from imp via HTTP GET

Can I retrieve a value from the imp via an HTTP GET request through a HTTP IN vimp? The documentation says I can send POSTs and GETs but I couldn’t find any examples on GET (particulary how to program the imp to return an HTTP response)

Also, the planner inline help only talks about HTTP POST: "To send messages in, HTTP POST to


This is the function that should be “LEGO” simple with this thing but isn’t. I am also looking for working examples of a switch hooked up to the pin 1 on imp, and a URL you can go to see “Switch is on”, or “Switch is off”, or the reverse, go to a URL and press “Turn On” to turn on output to Pin 2, and a place on that page to click “Turn Off” to turn off output pin 2. Has anyone successfully done something like this without writing 50 lines of java on a 3rd party server you rent space from?

I am also researching this topic. I thought it would be easier than it has turned out.

here is one reference I viewed

I have found an example of pressing a button on a web page and sending the message to Imp. I have that working just by having done copy/paste but it is very crude.

my apologies to the author - I can no longer remember where I got this code from.

Imp! Control via Electric Imp! `

in which you change the quoted string with https with your own api call from your HTTP IN node.

I was looking for an example that involved programming less then 3 language on 3 platforms, this is not a hobbyist item.

Agents allow you to do this. Coming soon…

Thanks Hugo, I look forward to seeing the new things.

Did anyone get an answer for this?
Even with agents I was not able to figure out the right code.

I may have created a similar question:
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