Remote troubleshooting cloud connectivity

I have an imp that was working smoothly while in my physical possession no longer generating any messages on the server at all, but the person who has it has it correctly configured for wi-fi connectivity and is getting the green blinking indicating a cloud connection. What’s the next troubleshooting step?

I believe this imp is running the beta firmware.

For testing, maybe you can try adding a simple comment line somewhere in the code and run it from your IDE.

Are you able to add a comment line to the Imp device code and save the change to the imp? That means you are at least connected to it using your IDE.

Is it still blinked up to the correct account? If the person you gave it to blinked it up to their network, it’s possible they also blinked it up to their account, in which case it wouldn’t be running any code (unless they added some).

Bearded, that may be exactly what happened, I will investigate.

That looks like exactly what happened, thanks bearded!

If I change my account password, do all imps I’ve already commissioned lose their authorization and need be re-blinked-up?