Release 7

fyi, for those who have seen their imp update today.

We just pushed release 7 out; there’s an essential bugfix in there but no new user-visible features. The next release adds more goodies :slight_smile:

My Imp running(I assume) this new firmware and the “Blink-O-Matic” example code appears to be single stepper, or possibly the imp.wakeup() command isn’t working. The LED does not blink, but when I’m in the code editor and I hit the ‘run’ button it appear to be inverting the status of the LED correctly, I don’t know that it’s related to this firmware update, but I believe the last time I had the Imp running was before the 4th. Actually, it would have been the 3rd. It seemed to be working fine at that point.

Anyway, I won’t rule out the possibility that I’ve broken something, but I thought I would pass the info along just in case. Any thoughts or ideas?

Strangely, neither of your units have updated even though they should have. Could you try switching them to the imp.unboundsq firmware then unplugging/replugging them to see if they get the update?

During an update you’ll see a short-long green blink for maybe 15 seconds, then a solid green for about 20 seconds, then it’ll go back to normal operation.

I plugged them both into the impee with unboundsq firmware on it. They both seemed to go from connecting to the normal slow flashing green, I don’t think I saw them go through the blink setup you described. Can you tell if they updated?

They didn’t update, though it also looks kinda like they’re trying to re-enrol. Can you log out of your blinkup app, re-log in and re-blinkup the imps?

re-blinkuped one of the imps, I’m still not sure if it worked or not. Looks like I have something wonky with my setup. I’ll stop mucking up this thread.