Release 25

Indeed, and any website you visit can also obtain your ip address. This never generated privacy concerns as far as I know. The paranoid could always install a TOR based wifi router :slight_smile:
Nevertheless, I would be more than happy with a geolocation API (which will surely use ip address for geo-lookup). Especially if it also provides local timezone info, including daylight saving status.

I’m more interested in looking up the EXACT location by MAC address like the iPhone can do within 200ft.

IP location databases tend to only locate a subnet, and then are usually +/- a city or so. There is no way to determine whether the location is a specific user. There may be tens of thousands of users in the same IP-based geolocation.

If you expose the actual IP address, then this tends to uniquely identify a single user (at least in a particular time period) and is hence more of a privacy issue. Also, given an IP address you ALSO have the user’s location, if you just look it up in a geolocation database.

If what is needed is just enough of a location for timezone purposes, then geolocation works very well.

Quick question…With this release can you power on an imp without a wifi connection and have the code run? I know the wifi connection handler is configured with server.setsendtimeoutpolicy(). But im still unsure…Does this need to run after the code, but before the imp.configure?

On this release, you can wake from sleep without wifi and have code run; running from a cold boot will come in the next release.

ie, when you put the batteries in, it currently HAS to connect to the server to verify that the code it’s running is the latest revision.

I thought after power on there won’t be any code to run, because it’s stored in RAM. I thought only the imp OS (and the nv table) is stored in Flash. Am I wrong?

Code is cached in flash (so it doesn’t take valuable ram space!), so it’s available without wifi.

I can verify that code runs when it wakes wo Wifi, but not Cold boot. Looking forward to that and Wifi AP Scan! Then the Imp will be even more useful for outdoor and mobile applications.

Power up imp today and trired the code, and got “old version! the index ‘getsoftwareversion’ does not exist”.
I take it that the new firmware has not got to me yet, is there a priority system for the rel 25 upgrade roll out? if so how does it work? by mac addr (mine is 2369283643fc42ee)?

We’ve currently paused the rel25 rollout whilst we debug an issue which is affecting a small number (<1%) of customers during the update.

If you want the update right now, let me know and I’ll force it for your device (I’ll do it for you @kenkoknz)

Hi Hugo,
Thanks for the update. I will wait patiently till u have debug the the issue. For me, one of the main reason to get into IMP is the great after sales support and quick response u get from the Imp Team, which u do not necessarily get from some suppliers.
Keep up the good work.

Oh no, not again!..
powered up IMP today and ya, the new firmware loaded, but elation did not last:

6/28/2013 3:28:13 PM: Downloading new code
6/28/2013 3:28:14 PM: f2f252d - Fri Jun 14 16:08:00 2013
6/28/2013 3:33:52 PM: Downloading new code
6/28/2013 3:33:53 PM: Downloading new code
6/28/2013 3:33:53 PM: Downloading new code
6/28/2013 3:33:53 PM: Downloading new code
6/28/2013 3:33:53 PM: Downloading new code
6/28/2013 3:33:54 PM: Started
6/28/2013 3:33:54 PM: hw pin 8 set.
6/28/2013 3:33:54 PM: Device configured to be "kkwebservo-2"
6/28/2013 3:33:54 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:34:04 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:34:14 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:34:24 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:34:34 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:34:44 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:34:54 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:35:04 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:35:14 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:35:24 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:35:34 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:35:44 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:35:54 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:36:04 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:36:14 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:36:24 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:36:34 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:36:44 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:36:54 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:37:08 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:37:14 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:37:24 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:37:34 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:37:44 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:37:57 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:38:04 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:38:14 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:38:24 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:38:34 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:38:44 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:38:54 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:39:04 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:39:14 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:39:24 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:39:34 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:39:46 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:39:54 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:40:04 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:40:14 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:40:25 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:40:35 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:40:44 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:40:54 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:41:04 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:41:14 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:41:24 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:41:34 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:41:44 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:41:56 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:42:04 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:42:14 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:42:24 PM: watchdog
6/28/2013 3:43:17 PM: Power state: online=>offline

The dreaded “online=> off line” came back again (ps I left the watchdog timer in the SW), with the new release firmware.
Do not really know what to do now…do I have a dud IMP, is it the the SW (seems to work well when it is online) , or is it because I use a 3g modem, the other computers on the 3g network works ok.
Tearing hair out!
Just want it to be reliable…

Any advice appreciated…

I have also seen my imp and a co-workers imp randomly go offline multiple times per day. This started happening about 3 days ago.

Thu Jun 27 2013 14:50:28 GMT-0600 (MDT): device ondisconnect, agent was serving URL:
Thu Jun 27 2013 14:50:28 GMT-0600 (MDT): Power state: online=>offline

The only way to make it come back online is to cycle the power to the imp.

This happens about 2-3 times per day. I don’t believe it happened before the release 25 update.

Just happened again…

Fri Jun 28 2013 12:49:58 GMT-0600 (MDT): device ondisconnect, agent was serving URL:
Fri Jun 28 2013 12:49:58 GMT-0600 (MDT): Power state: online=>offline

We’re looking into this, but are finding it hard to replicate in any of our test environments. We have some theories, and have been testing out candidate builds with possible improvements with the help of some customers, but no success as yet.

If you’d like to help us with testing builds, please PM with details of your wireless setup (router, ISP), MAC addresses of the imps you’re using, and what you’re doing with the imp - eg, are you sending regularly from the imp, or just receiving events. We can then send you candidate builds to try and see if they improve reliability for you.

As I have noted in other threads, if you are seeing this issue on your network, running an imp with nothing more than:

imp.configure(“test”, [], []);

…and seeing if it still drops offline is a useful reference for us, as this removes many variables from the debugging.

@kenkoknz I’m deeply suspicious that your imp dropped offline after just under 10 minutes, which implies that it did not respond to the very first server ping we sent it. This implies your code is somehow blocking processing of incoming TCP traffic. Logging does not imply that your imp is processing incoming data.

If you can PM your code then we can check that isn’t the case.

So is the documentation going to be updated for Release 25.???

It is already?

Technically correct but I still see notes like this:
agent object [Imp only]

Note: this API is in beta and not currently in a public release. If you are working on a product that requires this, please contact us

That’s the agent beta, not release 25. The two aren’t related - people were using agents on release-17 :slight_smile: