Release 14

This is due to be pushed to all imps starting tomorrow, please see for notes.

We’re pleased to announce some significant improvements including a lot more free RAM available to user code (and, an API to read how much free RAM you have!). The UART and SPI APIs have also been improved (but are still backward-compatible) and many bugs have been fixed.

You should see your imp upgrade (short-long green blink for 10-30 seconds, then solid green for 20-30 seconds), and then come back online.

If you see any issues, please post to this thread.

Has this update been pushed to all imps at this point? I’ve not seen any of mine update (confirmed by; causing an ERROR)

No, we have a customer who is doing some testing and wanted to hold the update until this was completed. In the future they’ll be able to do this for just their imps, but right now it’s all-or-nothing.

I’ll queue it for yours now though - if anyone else wants it today, please PM me your MAC addresses.

I am seeing signifficant degradation of stability, which I presume is post the release.
Is it possible that I would only have picked the realese up last night?
The imp was offline for a while and then it was reporting that it is upgrading the firmware.
Stability problems continue today with imp hanging and switching to offline state.
The code has been running reliably for about a week without an interruption, I do not think therefore it is due to any bugs on our part.

Big thanks for comments and advise.


I’d be interested to see more detail on your code; I remember previously you had some while(1) loops in there. Can you email me the detail direct?

Is there a way to find out which card-os release is on an impee?

Not right now I’m afraid. Your card is on the latest release - impee’s (devices the imp plugs into) don’t have an OS.