Redirection to Pages using Agent Code

I was wondering if there was a way to redirect a user from the agent page to a different source easily and quickly. I need this so I can send post data to the imp and then redirect the user back to the page they came from. Thanks.

Maybe your goal is to send data to the imp and never leave the web page in the first place?

You could check out a Discussion titled


there are some links and other discussion there.

I think ajax is the technology you want - if I understand you correctly.

With JQuery (AJAX w/ PHP) or javascripting (which it really is), you can post data to the imp (the agent) and never leave the page. If you create your website using JQuery Mobile, you’ll have a lot of tools for creating an online app that works best with an iPhone, Android, tablet.

If you can show us a sample web page that you are using for testing, I can show you a JQuery/PHP example of POSTing to the agent (imp).