Red LED on Imp-003

Hi, I have Imp originally connected to one external flash. The Imp running ok for a while. Due to some footprint error, I need to replace this external Flash (fresh new flash). After I replace the flash, I re-do the blink-up provisioning, all ok and connected. But I now have the Red LED blinking around 15 seconds every reset. Any idea what is wrong, and how to properly replace the external Flash if there is any specific steps?

Is it just red, or red and orange? In other words, like either of these:

These are imp003 SPI flash error signals.

Ah, somehow I put the LED in separate distance to make a room (note for next rev), but I can see the green and red light up, and the sequence is: Amber - Red - Off - Red - Off -Red - Off (three reds before repeat to Amber cycle).
Will change the flash again and see.

Are you sure you’re seeing two flashes with just red? That’s not a SPI flash error, sounds more like a connection issue.

You shouldn’t have needed to blinkup again after changing the flash, either. Hmm.