Reading data from Imp with HTTP GET?

Is there any way for Sending GET packet to the imp and it’ll send in the response a string?
I see only Post/get/put to somewhere, but not how to accept those packets.
Im trying to have an android app that will needs the state of the imp, but without getting basic information i cant continue

Try to specify a bit more of what you’re trying to do, what sort of data you’re trying to get.

What you’re saying seems doable. You want the imp to get a certain value from a said website and then have this information shown in a string in the planner correct?

not exactly.
im trying to control a relay over the internet with the imp.
for the task i basically need three parameters, state,user & timer, those three allows me to know if its on/off, who turned it on/off (me or my wife) and for how long it was turned on.
now, i still didnt get the relay, but i have the lcd for output the information at home,
and with my android app im planning, i wish that on start it will show current status.
i currently handling post requests for states, sending a number like 2245 means 2=on,2=Me, for 45 mins.
i can have a local string variable that contains what the lcd displays. i have it as an output port, is there any way to take that output port use this data with some kind of node that will listen for get requests and send this data back?

Agents will do this, but there’s no way to do it with the current stuff without using an intermediate server.

Well, I hope agents will be released before my relay will :slight_smile:
At the moment, having a reply 200 is my only “verification” the device got my message then?

The 200 means the message was received by the server. If the imp is offline, it won’t have been delivered. With an agent you can get the level of synchronous confirmation you want.