Read more bytes via SPI possible?

I am interested if it's possible to read more byte's via the SPI api with the same read.

Right now if I try to run this code:
//spiPort=hardware.spi257 and it's configured prior
        local data =;
        local temp = (data[0] << 8) | data[1];
I got this error: ERROR: the index '0' does not exist

Reading byte by byte works well (same configuration in both tests) but in this case would need to read bigger buffers at once.
I know is still doable byte by byte but it's slower for bigger quantities of data.

If it's not possible now will it be later?

It’s not possible now - you have to do byte by byte as the read call incorrectly does not write data. There is a new call being added where you can pass input and output blobs.

This won’t be in the next release, but will hopefully make the release after.