Re-flashing to a diffrent network?

Does anyone know if you can just re-flash to a different network by just running the blink up again? I was a moron and linked mine up with a hotspot I made with my iPhone and its been blinking red/orange/green for about 15 mins now (assuming its updating still)

run the app again?

tried that, maybe its not taking the blink up again. It took some messing around with to get it to flash right the first time. Ill try it again

Yes, you should be able to just re-run blinkup.

You should have the option to clear the configuration. I did that first before re-flashing to another network, however it appeared to stay connected. (I even did it in the dark.)

Might worth a shot?

Edit: I should note - re-flashing to a new network worked fine for me.

Clear config is not yet implemented on the device side. Will be shortly!

Ah - thanks. That explains why it appeared to have no effect! :slight_smile:

Man flashing mine is screwy, Ive tried everything from tape to different droids, pitch black, up against the glass, an inch away, just setting in on the screen for no movement, still no luck re flashing the network

Zandr - What droids have you tried this with?  I assume they worked with the previous Android flashy that we gave you.

I got it, I tried the Galaxy S III, Droid Incredible, what finally worked was the X2 without flaw!

The Galaxy S3 works fine for me, every time…  are you running the stock OS?


Galaxy S3 OS is stock.