"Re-commission" an already commissioned impee?

OK … so I take my brand new Imp and SparkFun breakout board, plug in a USB cable, the Imp comes up flashing red, my iPhone Blinks Up and almost automagically a newly commissioned impee is born. Lets call him Clyde. Now, Clyde’s identity is a combination of his Mac address and his Atmel chip ID … data also written by this process is the local LAN router SSID and connection details …

Question #1 - how do I go about telling Clyde that he is going to live somewhere else,on a different LAN?

Question #2 - is it possible and , if yes, how, to make Clyde ‘promiscuous?’ Meaning that he will use any router he finds that will let him connect and find his way back to the Mothership at ElectricImp. In one of my projects I use a WiFi card from Roving Networks that offers that option.

Question #3 - what if Clyde loses part of his mind? Lets’ say that while working on the bench I accidentally give Clyde’s SparkFun breakout board a 120 vac enema and it destroys the Atmel chip. SO after a suitable period of mourning (72.3 seconds) I goto the closet and get out another breakout. How do i get the Imp of the Impee formerly known as Clyde ready
to be mated to a new ID chip in the new breakout board.

And … last but not least … assuming the proposed re-commissioning in Q#3 is successful what exactly happens to the Clyde identity?

cheers … BBR

#1 - just use blinkup again with the new network credentials
#2 - currently there’s no way to do this I’m afraid. It’s technically possible, but not on a short-term roadmap.
#3 - Poor breakout board. Lucky the imp wasn’t in it at the time. You don’t need to recommission (the user account, SSID and password live in the imp, not in the ATSHA) - just plug the imp into the new breakout and it’ll appear on the planner as blank. Pick the firmware you had on the old breakout and you’re done.

Imps are swappable. They will run the software assigned to the board they’re plugged into, based on reading the ATSHA ID. No further setup is required. The planner “blob” associated with the fried atsha should probably just be deleted from your planner, because it’s never coming back again - if it did, though, then the blob would reappear.