Rate limit on http requests from agent

We recently pushed a code change to our fleet (415 devices). After the push, we got a flurry of status publishes which was expected as device state was reset and synchronized with our data service. Then after about a second, we stopped getting messages from every device. We can’t see any errors on our end or in device logs

From reading the docs: https://electricimp.com/docs/api/httprequest/sendsync/ it’s not clear to me if the rate limit is per account (across all devices) or per agent. My guess is per-agent, but can someone confirm that?

Obviously, we’re also looking for errors in our code, but several of us are going different paths simultaneously.

Hi Adam -

httprequest.sendsync rate limiting is per agent, not per account. Are there any other intermediate servers that could be limiting your calls? Do you log unexpected status codes, by any chance?

If you DM me your model ID, I can take a look to see if anything shows up in our logs.

  • Andrew