Questions about the consumer journey

There’s a bit of a gap in my understanding of the whole consumer journey with regards to an imp powered product and it would be great if anyone could help me out.

So let’s say I have an imp powered “thing” which I’m selling to people. They get it home and then have to blink-up the imp for their wifi network. I take it to do this they sign-up to EI and then blink-up. How does it then associate my code for this device to this imp?

Secondly is it possible to allow for user configurable settings? For instance let’s say this device allows for setting of RSS feeds, timezones etc. I take it I had have to write the client stuff via a web app or iOS app, but then how do those settings get associated with that imp?



There really needs to be a section on the wiki about this. It’s a common question (I’ve asked it myself), and a document discussing commercialization, and the procedures that need to be followed would be useful.

The manufacturer/consumer story is in several other documents - if you email and ask we can send these to you. We are going to overhaul the wiki and add all this information in time.

Quick summary:

  • at the factory where the devices are built, you associate them with a hardware revision (and from there, a software release). This will be loaded when a device connects with no manual intervention.

  • you build your own app, and integrate blinkup. The consumer uses this to configure the device. The app gets called back with the agent URL and can then pass whatever user settings are required to the imp (or control it, or monitor it or whatever).

Thanks Hugo that’s great. I’ll email to get the documents.