to connect to a 315MHZ remote


I have been reading high and low in the forums and I have found a lot of good stuff. Not sure I have found exactly what i am looking for though. My plan is to connect an IMP to a 315mhz remote. This remote is used to open a dog kennel door. I plan on using a lot of info that is found with the garage door opener threads. I plan on using the little devil IOS app. So my question is would it be better to somehow connect the imp directly to the electric actuator on the dog kennel, or should I wire the IMP to the remote control? Would the programming code be the same for both connection methods?

Do you have any info on the kennel door opener? Link to an owners manual?

Sparkfun sells 315 MHz transmitters and receivers. Take a look at the Sana board for inspiration. I used the sampler to decode the received signal, and I send it back using spi. I use this to control 433 MHz power switches from Nexa Systems.

here is a rough schematic, I am beginning to think it would be better to take the RF out of the equation.

this page gives the part number for the relay.,industry_consumer,industry_machinery,bid_30,aid_232826&dfpLayout=blog

attached is the schematic of the relay…any and all insight is greatly appreciated. I definitely want to tap into the module and bypass the 315mhz reciver.