PWM PIN state on execution of imp.deepsleepfor()

another noobie question about imp001.

If a piece of code configures the PWM on pin 2 as follows

local pwm_f = 500.0; hardware.pin2.configure(PWM_OUT, 1.0/pwm_f, 0.0);

and then after some processing time on other code (say 5 seconds) then calls


What is the expected state of the PWM pin while the device is in sleep mode?

Is it tri-state?

or is it 3.3V or 0v depending on the PWM state at the time of the imp.deepsleepfor() call?

In deep sleep all pins are tri-stated, unless you’ve enabled pin1 for wakeup, in which case pin1 (only) has a weak pull-down.


That’s great thanks and explains what i am seeing on my hardware setup. Do you have a URL into the imp doco that describes this ? (as I have not been abe to find it yet)

@punkiepunkie - looks like we’re missing that documentation. I’ll get it added to the appropriate pages (imp.deepsleepfor, and server.sleepfor)

Many thanks.

…and if you want to just wait for a bit and keep PWM running, you want a shallow sleep. See: