Project Idea: Pace indicator

Here is a project idea that might be able to solve a practical problem. Many runners use smartphone to log running data such as distance and pace, and there are a number of apps for this purpose. MyMapRun, which is part of MapMyHealth is such an app/service. As it turns out, MapMyRun exposes an API for developers. Many runners want to know if the pace that they are running is on target with how they have planned to run an event. That usually means waiting till the smartphone alerts them audibly, which means cutting into music at some point or actually getting out the phone and looking at it. If you have ever run with a smartphone, its not fun to get it out.

So the idea would be to read the data that the phone is sending to MapMyRun via their API with an Imp. The major issue is here, the Imp would need to be getting WiFi from the phone. Easily accomplished on Verizon phones, a little more expensive with AT&T. Using a wristband or watch strap, add an Imp, power supply and a simple indicator, like an RGB LED. Red = pace too slow, Green = Pace correct, Blue = Pace too fast. A glance at the wrist instantly tells the runner if a pace change is necessary.

Any thoughts, interest?

Hmm… I don’t think that the MapMyRun app is actually sending data in real time to their servers, so this might not work at all.

Maybe I’ll have to write my own app.