Problems with the LSM9DS0 library

Hello there,
I’m having a problem. just hooked up the Sparkfun breakout for the LSM9DS0 and now im getting the following errors:
2015-08-10 13:27:08 UTC+1 [Device] ERROR: bitwise op between ‘null’ and 'integer’
2015-08-10 13:27:08 UTC+1 [Device] ERROR: in getRange_G electricimp#lsm9ds0.class.nut#1.1:215
2015-08-10 13:27:08 UTC+1 [Device] ERROR: from init electricimp#lsm9ds0.class.nut#1.1:116
2015-08-10 13:27:08 UTC+1 [Device] ERROR: from constructor electricimp#lsm9ds0.class.nut#1.1:110
2015-08-10 13:27:08 UTC+1 [Device] ERROR: from main device_code:13
I tried the previous solution and other combinations from the references without effect:
//imu <- LSM9DS0(i2c);
//imu <- LSM9DS0(i2c, 0x3C);
//imu <- LSM9DS0(i2c, 0x1D);
//imu <- LSM9DS0(i2c, 0x1E);
//imu <- LSM9DS0(i2c, 0x6A);
imu <- LSM9DS0(i2c, 0x6B);
//imu <- LSM9DS0(i2c, 0x3A);
//imu <- LSM9DS0(i2c, 0xD4);
only one at a time.
Does any one have a working startup example or advice?
kind regards

The library doesn’t seem to handle i2c read errors gracefully. The cause of the error could be mistaken addressing or a problem with configuring the i2c port. How do you declare the port? Is it i2c <- hardware.i2c89? Did you call i2c.configure before instantiating the LSM9DS0 class?

See comment to your other post of this question, @Absolute1, here